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Why sourcing botanicals from India?

The story of India!

India is a country where 70% population lives in Villages. People in More than half a million villages in India are mostly involved in agriculture. Thousands of crops are grown in India for multiples uses and have millions of stories around each plant from ancient times. From nutrition to beauty and from food to medicine, India has a unique traditional system, one is very popular which is Ayurveda. and India is consuming all these crops for centuries. We are trying to discover these stories and plants and trying to connect the world with the wonders of India. Here are some of the interesting things about India and why you should source botanicals from India!


India has 22 types of different agro climatic zones which means 22 kind of different environments and all of them are so unique in themselves that the herbs can be grown best in those conditions only. That is why India can supply a variety of Herbs which require  different condition for farming!

Traditional & Organic Farming

India has a very old system of farming where the tools and technique used to grow any crop is very traditional and natural. The technology, pest control, Harvesting & storage methodology used in India are very ancient and efficient as generations of farmers are using them till now!

Rich Culture 

The small farmers live in communities in India and they have unique cultures and values of living the life. These lifestyle cultures are also connected to their farming and it builds a very strong bond between the crops that they grow and the way they live. This bond makes them master in growing the tough crops well! 

Why Carmel Organics for sourcing Indian Botanicals?

Your trusted supplier in India! 

Carmel Organics works with a few of such communities in some parts of India and specifically works with Herb Growers. We share their values and cultures and build great relationships with thousands of such small farming families. Our Business is based on it and our mission is to help these farmers to grow more with organics. We work with Brands and Global companies who use Herbs and our ingredients in making wonderful products. We supply certified organic herbs to them and help the world to live healthier!

Farming & Sourcing: We work in sourcing the right ingredient from the farm itself and even by growing it according to the Global Organic standards with small farmers in India! Processing: We have certified organic processing unit where we process the raw produce into a global quality standard raw material as well as do the packaging in efficient costs. 

Global Supply We work with companies based across the globe and ship them the ingredients or packed herbal products by sea or air. 

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