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The Ashwagandha Story!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The most important Herb of Ancient Indian Ayurveda!

Due to proven applications, formulations & impacts, Ashwagandha is considered to be the most important herb in Ayurveda since ancient times. It is majorly grown in Central India and its dry roots and leaves are used as an ingredient in several medicinal products all across the world. Multiple clinical studied happened on Ashwagandha and based on the studies & results Ashwagandha is being used in the products which benefit the health. The presence of Alkaloids/ Withanolides in Ashwagandha makes it an important herb. Immunity, Stress, Anxiety, Seminal quality & Motility, Fat mass, depression etc areas where Ashwagandha is used. In India, from Traditions, The Ashwagandha powder is consumed directly and with water & milk for well being with all the logical but now as scientific reasons. We are eager to promote the consumption of Ashwagandha as it is our mission to help people stay healthier & Ashwagandha is a good way to do it!  

How Ashwagandha is cultivated?

Required Conditions Ashwagandha seeds are sown by hands in the month of July- Aug in the loamy soil. periodical irrigation and weeding is done and the crop is ready to harvest in Dec- Jan. Cultivation process Ashwagandha is a strong crop which is less sensitive to the whether and water. But irrigation is done twice a month depend on the soil and it is not impacted by any major pest so can be grown naturally. 

Harvesting The plant is taken out from the soil manually. the roots are washed and cut from areal part and left for drying for one to two weeks.

Drying Ashwagandha roots are sun dried after harvesting. It is air dried after a week so that moisture can be controlled for better processing.  Grading Raw Ashwagandha roots required a cleaning and sorting because it contain foreign matters, soil & stone particles so it is cleaned manually and the roots are separated based on the dimensions so that uniform yield can be achieved consistently.

Powdering Raw & cleaned Ashwagandha roots are sent to SS made pulverizer for making fine powder of it. the seiving is done quickly after powdering so that exact mesh size can be achieved.

QC QA: Ashwagandha is a strong crop which is not impacted by any major pests so it can be grown organically. Organic ashwagandha is analysed by best labs for Microbial counts, Heavy metals & pesticides for confirmity to global MRLs & Standards.

Packing: Once the quality is confirmed, the Batches are packed in new HDPE paper bags with poly bag inside and inner liner.  The bags are sealed and labeled as per the standards.

Distribution Ashwagandha is distributed globally from central India by Road, Train, Air & Sea planes via various ports of India.

We do all these!

We are a herb company based in India, we work with thousands of such small farmers to grow herbs and spices organically & help them to make more money. We promote healthy living by supplying the Herbal & Organic products to the world from India. 

Our offerings:

Whole: Carmel Organics offers Whole Roots of Ashwagandha which is from recent harvest, best matured crops and well cleaned only. 

Powder We have in-house certified organic powdering unit made up of high class stainless steel where we make aswhagandha powder. 

TBC & C/S We have expertise in cutting herbs for tea industry. we offer Ashwagandha root cuts from .1 mm to 10 mm cut sizes.

Retail & Private label  We have our own retail product line of herbal powders and herbal teas. we also offer private label packing services from our hundreds of different packaging options in affordable costings and with the compliances. 

Bulk (RM) Packing We pack ashwagandha in bulk packing with extra plastic bag covering for further safety of the goods till material delievery.

Quality & Compliances We believe in & follow the leading global Organic & quality standards to manage all our processes and all our processes are certified by renown certifying agencies & bodies.

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1 Comment

can i use the 100% organic ashwagandha powder after the 3 months of opening it? theres still a full bag of it and the best before date still has another year to go?

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