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The Curcuma Story!

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The golden spice of life!

More than hundreds of proven applications and thousands of years old history of the plant- Turmeric is the golden spice of life. It is a major ingredient of every kitchen & recipe in India for thousands of years now. Turmeric has got Curcumin which is one of the most important ingredients for health food industry. Turmeric is considered to be a food ingredient, a medicine, a dye and a good crop to many people in India and in the world. The benefits of Turmeric to the people are limitless. We are working to bring the best quality Organic Turmeric from India to the world so that more and more people can get the benefits from consuming this golden spice of life! Here is the story of how it is cultivated? 

Turmeric crop in the field.

How Turmeric is cultivated?

Required Conditions: Around June month, Pieces of Turmeric rhizomes are planted 5-6 cm deep in loamy soil with 40 °C temperature and 5.5 to 6.5 PH in 30X20 M seedbeds after manuring the soil with vermi compost (200kg/acre).

Cultivation process & Harvesting:

Irrigation & weeding is done consistently and periodically as required, soil kept moist for better growth. Turmeric is ready to harvest around 9 months or so and the rhizomes are dig out manually or by mechanical tools.


Turmeric rhizomes are kept on cleaned surface on farm for one week to dry and boiled in water and other peel removing organic ingredients. in 1-2 hours of boiling rhizomes become soft and left for 10-15 days for drying & polishing.


The dried roots are cleaned at certified organic facility, impurities are removed, different grades are separated, RM QC-QA is done for physical and residual analysis by internal team and laboratory respectively.


Cleaned Turmeric roots are sent for powdering and TBC making machines and Sieving is done once processed. Sieved material is packed into New HDPE paper bags for further steps of QC , Finished goods storage or Dispatch.


Once the processing is done, The sampling and third party laboratory analysis is done for confirming quality according to the compliances. 

Our offerings



Carmel Organics offers Whole Roots of Turmeric which is from recent harvest, best matured crops and well cleaned only. 


We have in-house certified organic powdering unit made up of high class stainless steel where we make Turmeric powder.


We have expertise in cutting herbs for tea industry. we offer Turmeric root cuts from .1 mm to 10 mm cut sizes. 

Quality & Compliances

We believe in & follow the leading global Organic & quality standards to manage all our processes and all our processes are certified by renown certifying agencies & bodies.

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