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About Carmel Organics

Carmel Organics 
Organic Farming

Carmel organics works with more than thousand of small & marginal farmers in India by supporting them with agriculture training, seeds, inputs, guidance & organic certification. By doing this Carmel Organics get certified organic herbs and spices from them in premium prices. 


Carmel Organics has a certified organic processing unit where we do cleaning, grinding and packing of organic herbs and spices. The facility is situated in central India and is certified by global quality standards of organic & food. 

Quality control

Carmel Organics offers premium quality organic products and we ensure the quality of the products from the farm itself as by educating farmers about the right handling procedures. We work with world's leading third party laboratory for ensuring the MRLs compliances in our products. 

Reliable distribution
New York Sea Port

Carmel organics maintained inventory from season to season and give commitments on the basis of our inventory. Our quality and lead time commitments are based on actual inventory which ensure smooth operations throughout the year. 

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